How much do you know about burns? For example, did you know that burns can be categorised into four categories and that there are many sources of burn injuries?

If you need to know more, read on…

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The four degrees of burns

According to WebMD, burns can be categorised into four types, namely first-, second-, third- and fourth-degree burns.

First-degree burns can be described as a mild burn that may cause your skin to turn red but will not leave blisters. A mild sunburn is an example of a first degree burn

Second-degree burns are more serious than first-degree burns, as your skin will turn bright red, be painful and blisters may arise. Scarring may result, depending on how deep into the skin the burn has gone.

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Third-degree burns go into the two layers of your skin turning the skin either black, brown, white or yellow. According to WebMD, this type of burn won’t cause pain due to the damage caused to the nerve endings.

Fourth-degree burns are the most severe and can be life threatening as all the layers of your skin are burnt. Bones, muscles as well as tendons are also destroyed.

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