Wave the cravings away by doing things that can help prevent you from experiencing them in the first place!

If you are watching your weight and need to keep your calorie count down to a specific level, you can try distancing yourself from cravings as far as you possibly can. A great way to do this is to keep yourself distracted so that your mind does not have the chance to focus on food related thoughts.

Ways to distract yourself

If you are at home, get yourself engaged in busy activities like cleaning the house. Alternatively, you could engage in a favourite hobby or even take a shower.

If you prefer to leave your home so that your cravings are out of sight, go for a walk, jog or run and perhaps even get those calories burning at the same time! Exposing yourself to a different setting may help take your mind of food.

Eat first!

When going out and about on errands or to do your weekly shopping, be sure to have your meal or snacks first. This will help prevent you from giving in to cravings as you will be exposed to all sorts of foods, treats and high calorie indulgences especially when out shopping!

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