Try to get addicted to healthy foods instead of junk and highly processed foods if you want to stay in good health and shape.

Healthy and wholesome foods

Healthy foods are those which provide our bodies with adequate nutrition and keep us feeling satiated and content. These foods are natural foods that have not been highly processed and refined.

Fresh products such as fruits and vegetables are great examples of healthy foods – even better if they are organic! Nuts, fresh and lean meats are also delicious and nutrient dense foods to include in your eating plan. Remember that all foods contain different vitamins and/ or minerals so the bigger the variety that you consume, the better. Bright and colourful foods contain a high degree of antioxidants so be sure to include these foods in your diet too.

When it comes to beverages, opt to make water your drink of choice! It had zero calories, is widely available and convenient to carry along with you wherever you go.

Say no to processed foods

As far as possible, avoid consuming too much processed and highly refined foods. They often contain preservatives and other additives thus lowering the nutritional value of the food product itself. Read food labels carefully before making purchases. If there is a healthier option out there, consider opting for it, instead of a lower priced item. Your weight and health will reap the benefits of the food choices that you make!

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