Sizwe Dhlomo is tired of seeing innocent people fall for scams and, in particular, Forex trading ones

Forex trading has to be one of the hottest buzzwords in the world of get-rich-quick-schemes (right up there with slimming herbal teas). How many times have we seen an ad claiming that John from Johannesburg makes $3,600 a day with little-to-no effort simply because he learned how to trade Forex online?

We see many professionals advertising their online trading courses which almost always require a significant investment from unsuspecting South Africans who are looking to change their fortunes.

However Sizwe  is here to warn us all that these “courses” (and seminars and workshops) are all a ruse

The media personality who never has a problem sharing knowledge on social media, kicked off his latest Twitter rant by saying: “Let me tell you this for free. All those forex guys are scammers! The cars you see are rented & they make their money from seminars & lot rebates.”

Considering the number of people who have invested in Forex trading, as well as those who make a profit from selling their “coaching” services, the tweet was always going to offend a few people.

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However, Siz didn’t stop there.

The former MTV Base presenter continued:

This sparked a debate on social media with many defending Forex trading as a profession and a means of generating income.

Sizwe did not deny this, but he did clarify that anybody who promises R44,5 million in a short space of time may be lying

Tweeps were curious as to who the supposed multi-millionaire might be, and Sizwe obliged by tagging the “international trader”.

Things took a funny turn when an account named “Women in Forex” offered to buy Sizwe Dhlomo a brand new Mercedes Benz – presumably in a bid to convince him and others that their money was real.

What are your thoughts on the current wave of Forex trading services and opportunities on the internet?