You’re more than just a mom

I remember, when my husband and I first married, my whole world revolved around him.

And, while nothing has changed, everything has…

Life is busy and, after a day spent trying to juggle work, kids and a never-ending-to-do list, all I want to do is hit the sack (and not for sex… because, let’s be real, who has the energy for that?)

Sound familiar?

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The juggle is real

As moms, we get so caught up in raising a family and running a household that we forget that our marriage is just as important as the day we said ‘I do’ – if not, more so!

In fact, being a Pinterest-perfect mom means nothing if the core foundation (and by foundation, we mean marriage) that we’ve laid for our kids is not rock solid.

“A healthy family is only as strong as the parents”

A happy (and healthy) marriage takes work, and, while you may feel like you’re being pulled in 50 different directions, with nothing left to give to your partner at the end of the day, it’s not as hard as you think!

According to this video and YourTango relationship experts, you can maintain a great marriage by doing these simple things:

1. Set aside ‘your’ time

Whether it’s coffee together first thing in the morning, going for a walk in the afternoons or reading a devotional before you go to bed at night – set aside time for your relationship, where it’s just the two of you.

Talk, laugh, touch and connect.

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2. Lean on each other

Don’t forget that your husband is also your friend and if you don’t let him in on your stressors and your struggles, how is he to know what you may need?

Talk about things that are getting you down, ask for help when you don’t feel like you’re managing alone – lean on each other, because at the end of the day, you’re stronger together.

3. Remember to look at your husband as a man, and not just as the father of your kids

In the video, sex therapist Kimberly Anderson points out that one of the most important things you can do for your marriage, is to celebrate your identity as a husband and wife, rather than just a mother and a father.

Yes, being a mom and dad is your number one priority – as it should be! But, it’s important to acknowledge yourselves and each other as more than parents.

You’re a couple, lovers, friends…

Don’t forget that!

4. Fighting is normal! Agree to disagree

You and your partner are not always going to agree – especially when it comes to parenting.

And, that’s OK.

Remind yourself what really counts and focus on the things you both do right (and show appreciation for those things!), instead of the things you might be doing wrong.

5. Don’t be shy to pack on the PDA

Your kids might roll their eyes and complain when you and your husband show each other affection, but PDA is healthy and your kids need to see how much you love each other, not just for their own sense of security, but for how they will, one day, view their own relationships.

Remember, PDA is not limited to hugging and kissing, but could be in the form of eye contact, a smile or a compliment!

Article inspired by this YourTango video.