Is your kitchen getting you down? While most people follow décor trends around their homes, updating your kitchen can be expensive, so it can be a neglected space.

Start updating your kitchen with little inexpensive touches and elevate your kitchen from a drab food preparation and storage room to the heart of your home.

Not so new, new appliances

There will always be better, newer and more fashionable versions of the appliances you have at home… and they’re always more expensive. Instead of buying new appliances, add character to the appliances you have with paint. Ask your local hardware store which paint best suits your appliances and let the fun begin.

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A do-over for your expensive cupboards

Cupboards take up the largest amount of space in your kitchen and set the tone for the room. While replacing cupboards is expensive, painting them is less so. If you are nervous about painting your cupboards yourself, get the help of your local handyman or painter and get involved with the colour choices and look up some exciting combinations and patterns.

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Go green

Plants and décor accessories can make a big difference to your kitchen without making an equally big difference to your bank balance. Small accessories and plants let you change up the look and feel of your kitchen regularly.

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Vintage hand-me-downs

Vintage hand-me-downs are not just a fashion trend – secondhand furniture is also super stylish, especially with added personal touches and en vogue customisation. Spray paint old metal cupboards for an updated a fresh look and use old-fashioned appliances as decoration and pot plants.