No outfit is complete without a great pair of shoes. While those sky-high stilettos or awesome pumps may match your outfit perfectly, if they’re uncomfortable you might as well throw them out.

We all have those shoes in our cupboard that we love, but just can’t wear anymore because they’re so uncomfortable. Follow these shoe hacks and get ready to wear them again!

Stretching tight shoes

The perfect shoes don’t always come in the right size. It happens. To get more width and a little more length into shoes, try wearing them with a thick pair of socks and using a hair dryer on a low heat setting to stretch the shoes for a more comfortable fit. Although the heat will allow your shoes to stretch, this will only work for up to half a size and can’t magically turn size 3 pumps into size 5s (sorry!).

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Shrink big shoes

There are many reasons your shoes could be too big — you bought the wrong size, your feet have shrunken (because they do shrink) or you’ve bought your shoes to fit one foot but the same size shoe is too big on your other foot.

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Big shoes are uncomfortable and can cause blisters. To shrink your shoes, spray clean water on them until they are damp and use a hair dryer to dry the shoes. If the shoes are still too big, repeat the process. Shrinking your shoes can do wonders, but be careful not to overdo it as this process doesn’t shrink the sole of the shoe.

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Get a grip

Leather shoes are notoriously slippery. Scuffing the bottom of your shoe with sandpaper will improve their grip. If you’re not keen on that, hot glue from a glue gun dotted onto the bottom of your shoes creates the same effect as the rubber studs on walking socks. Remember to wait for the glue to dry before wearing your shoes.


Sweaty feet slip and slide in your shoes making them uncomfortable and increasing the chances of smelly shoes and feet. Sticking a panty liner in the inner sole of your shoes absorbs odour-causing sweat and keeps your feet comfortable and dry. If that seems extreme, you can also try dusting your shoes with baby powder.

Get the stink out of your shoes

Sweaty shoes are stinky shoes. If you can’t wait to wash your shoes, putting citrus peels (whatever you have) in them can help to diffuse the smell and refresh your shoes without much hassle. For stronger smells. putting a few tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda inside will remove both the odour and moisture from the shoes overnight. Just tap out the bicarb before wearing your shoes and you’re good to go again.

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