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Jeans are a staple in most people’s wardrobes; you can wear them just about anywhere and always look great doing it. The perfect pair of jeans looks great on you, flatters your shape and is an asset to your wardrobe.

With a great pair of jeans in your arsenal, you won’t have to worry about what to wear. Here is a step-by-step guide to finding your new favourite jeans.

Colour – the darker the better

Plain dark jeans with little or no embellishments can easily be used in different outfits, both casual and formal, without looking glaringly out of place. They are super versatile and easy to mix and match, that’s why our perfect jeans are dark.

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Sleek and straight

Different pant styles can be used to flatter different body types, but the shape of your jeans can become dated and only suitable for wearing with particular styles. Our ultimate jeans are straight leg, skinny jeans or jeans with a slight flare, because they are the easiest to wear with different looks, and they also work at any time of day.

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Having your jeans tailored or shortened to the right length can make a huge difference for how they look on you. This makes jeans look smarter and neater, but it also means your jeans will last longer because they are not trailing on the ground. Jeans that are just the right length can be folded into ankle grazers with a stylish turn-up bottom.

The most flattering length for pants in just above the ankles, so that’s what you should look for in your perfect pair of jeans.

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Get them in your size

Jeans that are too tight or too loose can be limiting and unflattering. Make sure your jeans are the right size – no matter what the label says. Jeans are more forgiving if they have some stretch, and they let you have more form-fitting pants without the struggles that come with wearing denims that are too small.

High waist or mid rise

Low-rise jeans are not for everyone and it can be tricky for some people to keep their pants up with or without a belt. High-waist or mid-rise jeans are a much more flattering option, are often more comfortable and they mean you don’t have to worry about pulling them up all the time.

4 pairs of jeans that we love

These denims tick all the perfect-jeans boxes – dark, slim cut, mid-to-high rise and most come in a variety of sizes!

how to find the perfect pair of jeans