Expecting guests over the holidays? Learn how to create an inviting guestroom for family, friends or even paying holidaymakers…

With summer holidays just around the corner, now is the time to transform a neglected room in your home into a gorgeous guest room and make your home feel extra inviting for the festive season.

Start by getting sorted

Letting go is never easy, but it is necessary, especially if you’re transforming a cluttered home office or messy crafts room into a hotel worthy guest suite.

Feel good about decluttering by donating all the items you no longer need to charity. Set aside items that you could easily repurpose, revamp and reuse in the room – this could save you money.

Recycle, revamp and reuse

Use your creativity to revamp, repaint and refurbish old furniture and décor. This is a great way to save money when decorating a guest room and it could even help you achieve a unique or quirky look that you and your guests will love.

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Add a splash of colour 

A new coat of wall paint is still one of the simplest and most effective tricks in the book for rejuvenating a room.

While bright and light colours may help make a small room feel bigger and lighter, dark shades could be used to create a cosy and calming feel.

To bring a guest room up to date, consider using the colour of the upcoming year –  Dulux’s Crème Brûlée. Inspired by the varied tones and remarkable properties of honey – natural, timeless, enduring, protective, rejuvenating and healing – it could be the perfect shade to help create the sense of a retreat.

How to get the look: Bold blooms in the bedroom

Another way to add colour and interest to the room, without spending much money, is with DIY art of photographs.

Use readymade frames and choose your or your children’s artwork in colours to complement the room’s colour scheme. In the right frame, you may be surprised to find that your toddler’s paint splatters look like expensive abstract artwork.

Creature comforts

Beyond a comfortable bed, stocking extra blankets, a hair dryer, soap, shampoo and conditioner are small touches that help ensure that your guest will want for nothing.

You should also add a mirror to the room – after all, we want to look our best. A floor length mirror is a great choice and, because it’s big, it helps create the illusion that a room is bigger and lighter than what it actually is.

And finally, adding a pleasing room scent, flowers (real or faux) and a few potted plants are all inexpensive ways to inject charm and make your guests’ stay in your home all the more memorable.