When it comes to summer, we at All4Women HQ love spending time outdoors and soaking up the sun. And that means it is time to say hello to shorts, skirts, dresses, open-toed shoes and sandals.

So make sure your legs (and feet) look great in any summer outfit with our simple tips:

Skirts and dresses: a wider hemline makes your legs look slimmer

A-line skirts are great because they make your legs appear narrower. The most flattering skirt length is either slightly above or below the knees. Avoid clothing that ends mid-calf, as this can make your legs appear wider.

Shorts: more is more

If you feel confident in your short daisy dukes, then wear them! But if you still want to wear shorts without baring too much, opt for shorts with a high waist. These will elongate your body and make your legs look longer. Shorts with wider leg holes, like culottes, will allow you to show off your legs in style.

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Avoid ankle straps if you have wide calves or ankles

Ankle straps cut the leg in two, making them look wider. Opt for slip-ons or a pair of strappy sandals that go around the heel or just below the ankle.

Make sure your feet look great by treating yourself to this easy DIY pedi and add a splash of colour with your favourite nail polish.

Add some height with heels

Heels or wedges add some height and make your legs look longer. And there’s no need for sky-high heels either. A more practical kitten heel or wedge will do the trick. Why not try one of our fave comfy heels you can wear all day long?

While these tips will help your pins look great, remember that flawless legs require exfoliation and moisturisation.