When it comes to looking good celebs have got it down to a fine art, and that is mostly thanks to their glam squads.

From a fashion stylist to make-up artist and hair stylist, celebs have talented people ready to make them look their best on call. And while most of us can’t have our own glam squad, we can have the next best thing – their advice.

We’ve gone straight to the source to find out the top haircare tips from celeb stylists.

1. Remove product build-up and freshen up your hair without having to shampoo with this trick

Johnny Lavoy, a celeb hairstylist to Ariana Grande and Chrissy Teigen, says that you should run a wet wipe over your hair to remove any product build-up as well as any oils. Not only will this remove unwanted product (too much hair frizz smoother anyone?), but it will also help your locks look good for one more day if you don’t have time to shampoo.

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2. Dry shampoo isn’t only for keeping your hair looking fresh between washes

George Papanikolas, who has styled the locks of Megan Fox and the Kardashians has a tip getting more from your dry shampoo. Did you know that dry shampoo can also be used to keep your tresses in place (because who wants to carry hairspray) and can add volume to any style? It is also perfect if you want to add texture to your hair or smooth over loose curls or beach waves.

3. Never underestimate the importance of deep conditioning your hair regularly

Ted Gibson, is not only a celeb hairstylist to Anne Hathaway, Lupita Nyong’o, Gabrielle Union and Angelina Jolie, but also regularly styles magazine cover stars’ hair too. He says that deep conditioning is very important, especially if you have curly or highly textured hair.

After shampooing, lightly towel dry your hair and then apply the conditioner. Use heat by either applying conditioner while taking a shower or covering your hair with a plastic cap and applying heat from a hairdryer. Do this weekly and you’ll have luscious looking locks in no time.

4. The one thing the Kardashian’s hairstylist wishes everyone would start doing with their hair

Jen Atkin, celeb hairstylist to the Kardashians and Jenners, Katy Perry, Nicole Richie… the list goes on, wishes everyone would start getting regular haircuts from professionals. And this means getting regular haircuts or trims even if you’re trying to grow your hair. Atkins suggest a trim at least every three months. Cutting your hair regularly means you won’t get as many split ends and there won’t be enough time to cause damage and breakage.