How lovely to look down at newly waxed legs and feet glowing from a perfect pedicure. Enough to put a bounce in everyone’s step! Well, not quite. Achy, swollen and tired legs feel heavy and miserable, no matter
how smooth and groomed they are on the outside.

If lower legs swell after a day of sitting or standing at work, or being cramped up while travelling, they certainly do not feel beautiful inside.

This may help:

  • If the working day keeps you seated for most of the time, make a point of getting up and taking a short walk every hour to boost blood flow in the lower legs.
  • When sitting, try to elevate your legs, as many people find this offers relief.
  • Consider a longer walk outside during lunch time, as walking briskly helps to increase blood flow in the lower leg veins.
  • The Venavine® range can also alleviate symptoms related to leg vein health

Venavine® Capsules can assist in providing relief from tired, achy, heavy or swollen legs.

The action of rubbing and massaging Venavine® Intensive Cream onto legs can help to promote healthy blood flow, increase blood circulation and soothe leg pain that can be caused by poor blood circulation.

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