Whether it’s a tasty American-style breakfast or a French lunch classic, the omelette is healthy, versatile and simple to make.

No matter what you want to do with your omelette, it will start out in the pan just like scrambled eggs.

Fluff the raw eggs with a fork, pour into a medium heat pan, and be sure to cook them low and slow to avoid browning and sticking.

Lift the sides lightly with a spatula, and tip/roll the pan to allow the uncooked egg to flow to the edges.

When everything begins to set, add your filling of choice (be careful not to overdo it though), cook, fold and slip onto a plate.

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When it comes to fillings, let your imagination run wild

An omelette can make even the cheapest filling or leftovers taste great. Avo and cheese, veggie stew, bacon and cheese, spinach and tomato, and even goat cheese and herbs are all stunning classics, but let your imagination run wild.

No matter what you put in your omelette, it’s sure to taste great, so don’t be afraid to embrace this kitchen classic and add your own touch.