Your bathroom is the sanctuary of your home – it’s where you wind down and pamper yourself. That is, of course, if it’s designed well…

Alternatively, your bathroom can be a cold, damp room, where you dread to go. Follow our bathroom design guide and you’ll be well on your way to creating a peaceful space, where you’ll be glad to start and end your day.

Add natural touches

Make use of stone and wood elements to create a tranquil feel. Adding pot plants that like humidity will get you one step closer to achieving a calm atmosphere.

Floating features

Add floating shelves, cabinets and even a toilet to increase space and make your bathroom seem much bigger than it is. What’s more, you’ll add tons of storage space!


Who said rugs aren’t allowed in bathrooms? Adding a lush rug will immediately zhoosh up the space and add loads of warmth.

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Space for shower essentials

Instead of opting for a flimsy shower caddy that rusts and, let’s face it, never stays in place, build a space for all your shower essentials into the wall or add sturdy metal water resistant shelves.

Consistency in look and feel

Use the same design elements or finishes in different areas of the bathroom. From the countertop to the shower ledge or seat, create a flow through the space. As an example, if you used white marble countertops, add the same marble to your shower.

Storage space

Get rid of clutter by ensuring there’s enough storage space for all your essentials that you don’t necessarily want to look at every day – think medicine and toilet paper.

Be creative

Whatever happens to the space above the toilet? Not much, right? Add shelving above it and invest in some pretty baskets to hold towels, perfume bottles and even plants.

Consider the smaller things

Think about what the drainage hole in the shower will look like. Do you want a silver metal plate underneath your feet, or a linear drain that’s close to the wall and out of your way? We’re guessing it’s the latter.

What about winter?

Few things are worse than stepping out of a warm shower, onto a cold floor and into an even colder bathroom. Underfloor heating, luxe bathmats and heated towel rails will be your saving grace in winter, and make those early mornings so much more bearable. Even better? Add a double facing fireplace in between your bedroom and bathroom wall.

Ventilation is key!

What goes hand-in-hand with a damp space? Mildew of course. If you’re building a new home, ensure your bathroom has a big enough window to let sunshine and air in. If that’s not an option invest in a proper ventilator (and clean it often).

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