4. The ‘dried-fruit-and-candied-nuts’ salad

It is a popular trend in salad making lately to add fruit and nuts. Fresh fruit and raw nuts would be great, except that we’re not talking the fresh kind.

Dried fruit contains condensed simple carbohydrates and you always end up eating too much because they are so tiny. Adding candied nuts just pushes up the sugar content. These ingredients turn a perfectly good salad into a high-sugar dessert. Rather garnish your salad with fresh fruit and a small handful of unroasted nuts to get the nutritional and protein benefits they offer.


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5. So what should you look for?

If you’re eating out, stay away from the salads (unless you’re eating at a dedicated health-food restaurant).

The typical restaurant salad is not the best choice for a diet meal. In a restaurant, eat a complex carbohydrate, whole legume, or clean animal protein and veggies.

And if you want to eat a salad at home, stick to fresh veggies, fresh fruits, raw nuts or seeds, and legumes or clean animal protein. If you must have a dressing, then use only fresh herbsolive oil and fresh lemon/lime juice or balsamic vinegar as a dressing. If you do that, then you’re winning!

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