2. The ‘fat-free’ salad

Okay, okay. So you’re going to go for a salad with fat-free dressing then, right? Well, unfortunately not.

You see, fat-free dressings are loaded with sugar, sodium and chemicals to make them taste as delicious and satisfying as dressings which have fat in them. So you’re still not winning. You’ve simply moved to a different type of unhealthy.

The fat-free dressing may have fewer calories, but it isn’t actually helping your dieting efforts.

3. The ‘bacon-and-cheese’ salad

No matter what people say, bacon is NOT healthy unless you’re eating a TINY amount of NATURAL (fresh, unprocessed) pork. It’s always full of fat, salt and chemicals if it’s a mass-produced one.

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Adding cheese, which is basically animal fat and salt, to a salad that already contains bacon just raises the total caloric load of the meal to the point where you’re eating a calorie-dense meal instead of dieting.

Here’s a delicious cashew kofta salad instead:

Cashew Kofta Salad recipe

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