Salad is a great weight-loss food… BUT not all salads are created equal

Many dieters think that in order to stick to their weight-loss plan, and count calories, all they need to do is order ‘anything’ from the salad menu, and they are safe.

Unfortunately, there are many ‘salads’ that are NOT actually healthy; the ingredients aren’t weight-loss friendly, and they don’t contain the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to help your body function optimally.

So if you’re counting calories, and wanting to stick to your healthy weight-loss and diet plan, here are a few salads to avoid if you want to lose weight the fastest possible way. I’ve also made suggestions about what you should look for instead!

1. The ‘creamy-fried’ salad

Yes, I’ll admit that I made up this name, but this is basically any salad that has a deep-fried animal protein ingredient and a creamy dressing of any sort.

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Examples would be a deep-fried chicken or haloumi cheese with a Thousand Island or blue cheese dressing. The deep-fried animal protein is packed with unhealthy fats, and the creamy dressing is full of sodium, fat calories and often chemicals and sugar. So in the end you would have been better off eating a baked potato or steak and vegetables.

This chicken salad would be a better option:


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