Because you can still look fabulous while toting your little ones around

“Motherhood looks good on you”… felt no mom ever!

Most days, we leave the house in jeans and a T-shirt, a smidge of mascara (if we’re lucky!) and some version of the mom bun.

Don’t even get us started on our sleep-deprived, lack-lustre looking skin or our unruly eyebrows.

We know: Being a mom is busy – and, there’s little-to-no time to spend faffing in front of the mirror.

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But, we also know, that if there’s one thing moms rock at, it’s multi-tasking.

Yes, you can tote your little ones around and look fabulous!

Here’s how…

5 Beauty secrets busy moms swear by

1. Transform your eyebrows into wow-brows

It’s all about your eyebrows – and the right set of brows can do so much for your face. But, let’s be real… which mom has 30 minutes to spend pencilling in her brows each morning?

Enter, microblading: A no-fuss way to achieve defined (yet, natural-looking) brows.

Pricey? Yes. Painful? Hardly. Worth it? Definitely! Crisp, fuller-looking brows will help you feel put together from the minute you roll out of bed in the morning.

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2. Eyelash extensions for the win!

And not the stick-on kind. Because even that can feel like high maintenance when you have nappies to change and toddlers to square off against.

Eyelash extensions are great for that wide-eyed, Bambi-lash look, and having them applied once every few weeks is the perfect opportunity for me-time or a sneaky snooze!

3. A long-lasting lippie is key

Up your mom glam instantly with bright-coloured (long-lasting obvs) lipstick!

With the attention on your pout, people are less inclined to notice your spit-stained yoga pants, or the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in five (or, is it six?) days.

4. Forget make-up, and rock the fresh-faced look

If your skincare regime is on-point, there will be very little reason to spend time priming, contouring and highlighting your skin – and a fresh face with a slap of tinted moisturiser will do!

While there is a place for fancy-schmancy skincare products on your dressing table, remember that that gorgeous, glowing skin literally starts from within.

You can achieve a fresh, glowing complexion by eating a healthy diet full of the good stuff – and by good stuff we mean; amino acids, vitamin C, antioxidants and fats.

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5. It’s all about the hair

Make-up aside, a cute hairstyle is the easiest way to doll up an outfit!

It’s time you ditch that mom-bun… YouTube and Instagram are full of super-quick hairstyle tutorials that will help you feel put-together in as little as five minutes.

Our favourite hairstyles include effortless waves, a half top knot, and a messy dutch braid. Add a hair accessory; like a scrunchie, scarf or headband for an instantly stylish look!

At the end of the day, happy and healthy kids are more important than your #motd (make-up of the day). But, there’s no denying that when you look good, you feel good – and these five beauty secrets are guaranteed to make those crazy mornings just a little easier!