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The Kids Are All Right picked up two Golden Globes and was nominiated for a couple of Oscars for brilliant portrayals from Annette Bening and Julianne Moore.
Married (gay) couple Nic and Jules are two funny, smart and involved moms to their two teenage children, Joni (Mia Wasikowska – she played Alice in Alice in Wonderland) and Laser (Josh Hutcherson).
The moms have a great sex life, the kids are growing up fine and everyone seems happy… until the teens decide to look for their sperm donor…
When they secretly track down their ‘donor dad’ Paul (Mark Ruffalo), it changes their family in ways they could never imagine…
There’s laughter, fun and a whole lot of drama as the adults – not the teens – make some disasterous decisions that will affect the whole family.
Anette Bening gives a fabulous performance as the doctor mom who is trying to hold together a family who are slipping out of the control she’s always had over them.
She’s threatened by the laid-back guy who is winning the hearts and minds of everyone she loves.
Will Paul threaten the relation she has with Jules too – or is their love strong enough to ride the emotional rollercoaster they face – and still come out intact on the other side?

I can’t join the critics who call it the ‘one of the best films of the year’ but it’s a real story of a modern family (except that I’m not sure that old married couples – gay or straight – are having THAT much sex in real life), the characters are well cast, and there’s just enough humour to save the movie from becoming a weepy drama.
A Nu Metro home entertainment release
Age restriction: 16 – sex, nudity and language

Watch the trailer here

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