Kim Jayde – SA’s newest ‘It-girl’ is quickly rising up the ranks in the entertainment industry

The presenter and model is on her way to becoming a household name and we caught up with her to find out how she deals with the joys and pressures of her life in the limelight.

Kim Jayde (born Kimberley Robinson) is genuinely one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She makes eye contact with you during a conversation, she has an infectious laugh and she (like all of the friendliest people in the world) almost always greets with a hug.

When you first meet her, it can be easy to forget that you’re talking to an award-winning television presenter who stars on MTV Base every week

However, when you peek beneath the surface, you begin to understand the inner workings of one of Africa’s brightest young talents.

Kim was born and raised in Zimbabwe, before moving to Cape Town in her teenage years where she studied and forged a modelling career. As her following grew, so did the number of industry eyes keeping a close watch on her progress. It was only ever going to be a matter of time before she had to make the move to Johannesburg – the unofficial entertainment capital of South Africa.

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Several awards and thousands of followers later, it is safe to say the move paid off.

Despite her large following, Kim insists that what we see on social media is only a fraction of the work that she has had to put in to grow her career

“What you see on the gram & on MTV is probably 10% of the work that I do. That’s the pretty, fun, glam side of the industry. [But] anyone that has any kind of long lasting success will tell you it’s mostly stress, hard graft and a tunnel vision sense of focus!”

Being widely recognised might seem like an achievement, but exposure alone will never pay the bills. This is why celebrities (sorry, Kim) have a knack for capitalising on their platforms and Kim is no different. From an early stage in her career, she has affiliated herself with brands that are well aligned to her beliefs.

“Its very easy to cave into the temptation of a big pay-cheque from a brand that is not in line with yours. We make very conscious decisions of the brands I align with and the products I endorse. Purely because I so believe in the integrity of my own brand”


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In 2018, Kim Kayde made history when she became Revlon’s first ever Zimbabwean ambassador

This isn’t the first time that Revlon has made these kinds of groundbreaking moves. In 1992, Veronica Webb became the first black model to sign a major cosmetics deal – with Revlon. In 2013 Bonang Matheba became Revlon’s first ever African ambassador.

“The legacy I hope to leave is purely to shatter the idea that “You can’t do it because…” I was never meant to make it as a model because of my height and my curves and yet I did! I was told I’d never succeed in SA entertainment because of the very real xenophobia that exists in our society.

“And yet Mzansi has embraced me with open arms not despite of me being a Zimbabwean, but because I am Zimbabwean. Naysayers will always try block your dream because it’s scary to pursue the unknown, and the new, and the ground-breaking ; but dreaming big, working hard, and staying humble will really take you places!”

It’s no secret that Kim was romantically linked with a super famous rapper earlier this year – AKA

These links surfaced after she took a picture with said rapper and before we knew it, she was rumoured to be his new Beyoncé.

While the rumours were ultimately false, the presenter hardly takes such reports to heart: “With regard to the rumour-mill I think it’s entertaining, I sit back and have a good giggle when I read stories about myself like, “Oh i didn’t know i had a boyfriend now.” [laughs] . Its harmless though and I don’t take it to heart. My work is my #1 focus.”


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Jokes and rumours aside, Kim admits that she’s not dating anybody at the moment. One imagines she has no shortage of suitors, but the MTV Base star admits that she simply does not have the time.

“I am very single. I might be a workaholic if I’m honest. It is easier for me to focus because my job takes up so much of my time. It would take a very special person to understand my schedule and how much I travel.”

Becoming a media mogul does not happen without focus.

Kim Jayde has her eyes set on greatness and her role model – Khanyi Dlomo – is telling of her ambition

“But Khanyi Dhlomo is probably my number 1 because she is a true media mogul, who embraces her femininity and is highly respected- she is #GOALS”

And if you ever questioned her ambition, Kim Jayde closed our interview off on an emphatic note. When I asked how she feels about all she’s achieved, the presenter claimed that the best had yet to come when she said:

“It looks like I’ve done a lot from the outside I guess, but I’m nowhere near where I want to be. There is so so much to do so watch this space!”