She works hard for her money!

After years of struggling and sometimes working two jobs just to get by every month, I will never forget the feeling of earning R10 000 after my first month of selling cars. I settled some debt and bought myself two things I had always wanted… a GUESS handbag and a massive painting of Marilyn Monroe.

With their lavish lifestyles, it’s easy to forget that most celebrities once struggled too and had to hustle their way to the top. Not much in life comes easy, no matter who you are and I will always respect a person who has overcome obstacles in order to achieve their dreams. Even more than that, I love a person who remains humble and doesn’t forget where they came from.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is hugely successful now and worth millions but she didn’t always have it so good. After years of driving to auditions in an old hatchback Honda, the star spent her first major pay cheque on a Mercedes Benz.


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