Busiswa Gqulu wants South Africans to come out in the numbers to protest at the next court appearance of the suspected Dros rapist.

The singer says she wants justice to be served.

“Can we all please go to court on November 1st & DEMAND justice prevail on the #DrosRapist. Any (orgs, activist) groups that are doing this please tag me. Lets gather in numbers. We need a landmark ruling on all of his kind. We cannot allow monsters of his kind to survive & thrive,” she wrote.

Nicholas Ninow is accused of raping a seven-year-old girl at a Dros restaurant in Pretoria last month.

The 20-year-old allegedly followed the girl into the women’s bathroom and raped her.

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Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Busiswa says she is shocked to see that some people have shown sympathy for the suspect

“I have been watching the case from afar, but I have seen on social media that there is growing understanding for the perpetrator and explanations trying to be made for him. I think as public figures we can lend our voice to the situations we feel are unjust.”

Busiswa, who welcomed a baby boy earlier this year, says she is “passionate” about the case because as a mother she can only imagine what the victim’s family is going through.

“If we allow the world to become a place where a crime like this can happen in a public space. If we allow a criminal like that to get away, the world is going to be very unpleasant for the next generation.”

She says she is looking for an activist group with which to partner, but is willing to start her own march if need be

“I do know that there are groups that are far better at organising and mobilising people than I am, and I don’t want to undermine them. It has to be organised properly.”

South Africans have been rallying around the victim in other ways as well.

A fundraising campaign has raised over R100 000 to assist the little girl with therapy.