Dr. Paul Flanner (Richard Gere) has become a good doctor at the cost of being a good husband and father. Sadly, a malpractice suit may mar his otherwise perfect career. By request of the claimant Dr. Flanner arrives in Rodanthe to visit with him.

Adrienne Willis (Diane Lane) is an incredible mother and friend whose husband, after betraying their marriage, asks to return home. Still reeling from the betrayal and torn by conflicting emotions,  she seeks solace by escaping to manage her friendâ??s guesthouse in Rodanthe for a weekend. She has but one guest â?? Dr Paul Flanner.

He is seeking forgiveness and she the capacity to forgive.

The two lives collide during a storm and give rise to questions that create a different path for each of the characters. Diane Lane is magnificent and Richard Gere is wonderful, together they have a magical connection on screen that is stirring. This chemistry is magnified by the storm that rages outside, drawing them together and at times threatening to tip them apart.

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Their only protection is the magnificent guesthouse, which seems to not only guard over them and become a witness to their love but enclose them in the space they’ve created in which to heal.  The house has been apart of Adrienneâ??s life and the backdrop to all her life choices so it seems only apt that it assists in turning the page to a new chapter.

I adore Diane Lane, not least because that girl is but aging with grace! There is one [hilarious] moment in particular that stays with me – a drunken, self conscious Adrienne – who reminds me of what it’s like to be  taken by fancy, fight inner demons and then call it quits. It is these moments of commonality, which make me love the film.  

All-round stellar performances

But it is not just the performances of Diane Lane and Richard Gere that moved me, Mae Whitman really stood out in her portrayal of Adrienneâ??s troubled teenage daughter. From pitching temper tantrums to acts of kindness, Whitman was perfect.

Think the sweeping narrative of Nicholas Sparks meets the gentle story telling of Bridges over Madison County and you have Nights in Rodanthe. It is beautiful and you will cry.