SA Gay and Lesbian Film Festival previews Tick Tock Lullaby

In case you havenâ??t noticed the very hip posters, the South African Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – Out in Africa -is in Cape Town! Resident movie reviewer Chantal Louw popped in for the screening of Tick Tock Lullaby. These are her thoughts.
Written and directed by Lisa Gornick, who also stars in the film as Sasha, a cartoonist blissfully married to Maya as played by Raquel Cassidy. The unfolding plot is centred on three sets of characters including lesbian couple Sasha and Maya who yearn to conceive a baby naturally as opposed to artificial insemination.

Whilst another unhappily hitched couple, Fiona [Joanna Bending] and Todd [William Bowry], also have hopes of conceiving sexual intimacy proves to be stifled and problematic.  Sarah Patterson plays Gillian; a photographer takes pictures of men she thinks might be suitable as potential father figures.

Tick Tock Lullaby impresses with an honest, intimate approach

The film was made on a budget of £8,000.00, which is more string than shoestring but I am impressed with Lisa Gornick for many reasons. Not least of all is her honesty.

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Gornick just puts it out there, in a way so absolutely honest I feel like I am part of an intimate conversation. My favourite line is â??â??I wanted to take your soul and scrunch it up into my vagina and produce a child that becomes a highly influential politician who would restore the worldâ??â??. Donâ??t I just… 

Brave and powerful, the movie is what Gornick terms as her mourning for her inability to have a biological child. Writing took place on a daily basis over three to four months and the movie comprises of internal dialogues which Gornick has had with herself in what she terms â??fits of depression and anxietyâ??.

Tick Tock Lullaby provides ‘voices’ for gay, straight, coupled and single

The voices she creates are of a lesbian couple, a heterosexual couple and a single woman torn by the idea of having children. Inspired by Jean Luc Goddard the film evolves with each shot and has a fresh, lively feel to it.  
Interspersed with Gornickâ??s drawings mimicking and assisting the films narrative, it is filled with the anxiety so many women are faced with today â?? to have or not to have – is definitely the difficult question.


Whilst the festival has passed through Johannesburg, Cape Town audiences have until this Sunday, the 21st September to see this movie, amongst other Gay and Lesbian fare including Outing Riley, Vivere, Were the World Mine, Affinity, Out at the Wedding and The Bubble.
Tick Tock Lullaby is showing this Saturday at 18:15.