Step aside Kim K, Kanye West has broken the internet again!

The rapper was invited to lunch with his unlikely friend, President Donald Trump at the Oval Office in the White House on Thursday.

But what ensued left the rest of the world completely shook!

Donning his infamous MAGA hat, Ye went on a nonsensical rant (what’s new) jumping from random topics about everything from his superman cape, life as a member of the Kardashian family to then claiming he had a ‘present’ for Trump – a prototype for Apple to develop a special aircraft for the president called the ‘iPlane’.

He even dropped in a F-bomb or two.

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OK then!

The President – at a loss for words it seems (we don’t blame him) let Kanye have his moment during the much-publicised lunch meeting.

But, can we really call it a conversation if Ye literally spoke for 10 minutes straight??

What really had us in stitches was when Kanye whipped out his phone and punched in his password in full view of a dozen or so reporters and cameramen.

Kanye, who claims to be a genius, entered his super secure password – (note my sarcasm) – 000000 – and then proceeded to pitch a new idea to the POTUS.

Hackers ‘gon hack right?

Take a look at more hilarious memes from Kanye’s White House meeting…

Side-note: This article is intended as a light-hearted piece. However, in light of Mental Health Month, issues pertaining to mental health should always be taken seriously.