Somewhere In Between is the much-awaited sequel to From Courtrooms to Cupcakes – and is an entertaining and illuminating portrayal of the plight of the working mom – by someone who is certainly qualified to write this story: she’s an attorney AND a mom of four!

I read and reviewed From Courtrooms to Cupcakes back in 2015, and expressed the desire for a future follow-up book by Niki, written when her children reached the teen years, because I so enjoyed reading about the development of her children’s personalities and characters (and wanted to see if she was hit by the same teen tsunami I’m experiencing and to glean some wisdom from a mom of four).

Niki has continued to write – and Somewhere In Between is the sequel

The author’s children are older now – but although our children’s needs change, they are no less demanding as they get older. If you’re at home in the afternoons, your time after 2pm is not going to be your own – after school duties, homework and your children’s social lives (with the added teenage angst and drama) are still going to be your life until they leave home.

What this essentially means, says Niki, is that moms who have full-time careers don’t manage to have it all: you can’t be the CEO of the company and be driving your children to their extra-murals every afternoon.

And if you are enlisting the help of an au pair or granny to help, then it’s not YOU who is doing it all – someone else is doing some of it.

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We need to make the choice – and then live with it (without the guilt)

Moms who work outside the home (the author refuses to call these working moms as ALL moms are working bloody hard  – whether in the home or out of it) are often consumed with guilt, or stressed beyond measure by trying to keep both the boss and spouse happy – without missing out on any of the milestone events in their children’s lives.

In this very relatable book, where the moms she meets through workshops and lectures for female lawyers share their stories and their dilemmas, we learn that most moms everywhere are in the same situation – and we need to support each other and not judge the ones who have chosen a different way to parent than ours.

The Oscar Pistorius trial takes place while the book is researched and written – and Niki provides some food for thought on Oscar’s childhood and upbringing – and the effects that the loss of Oscar’s mom while he was still a child, may have had on the development of his personality and character.

This is one of those books that contains some valuable little nuggets of wisdom that you’ll want to underline and refer to over and over again – and then pass on to your daughters one day

If you can afford to stay at home while your children are young then stop diminishing your role and your worth in the world

And if going to an office where you interact with other people every day is what makes you feel alive and your soul sing, then follow your heart.

Of course, some women don’t have a choice – most households in SA depend on two full-time incomes, and some of us are single moms. However, we all need to make peace with our choices, love our children fiercely, and stop trying to have it all – if we want to survive this parenting journey.

This is one of those books that’s more story than self-help book, and contains some valuable little nuggets of wisdom that you’ll want to underline or highlight and refer to over and over again – and then pass on to your daughters one day.

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