Celebrity quack attack – stars who’ve gone overboard with lip fillers

We are quick to judge celebs who go under the knife, yet I’m sure, given the opportunity, many women would alter something about their appearance – be it for cosmetic reasons or not. Some want a breast reduction after years of backache, others want their boobs made bigger simply because they think it will boost their confidence. I’m all for a procedure that will make a woman feel better about herself, provided that it’s done tastefully – moderation is key! And that is where many celebrities and their surgeons go wrong… they don’t know when to stop, their look becomes extreme and people and the media will have lots to say about it… we can’t help it!

Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau has made no secret of the fact that she enjoys ‘working on her appearance’.  The star has admitted to having had skin ‘rejuvenation’, a non-surgical nose job, and fillers for ‘wrinkles’ and her lips.

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