2.     Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet focuses the dieter on eating vegetables, fruits, lean proteins (fish and chicken), nuts, olive oil, beans and grains.

The programme limits the intake of red meat, salt, butter and any refined or processed food. This diet suits people who like to eat fresh foods, and love veggies and fruits.

Somewhat more ‘balanced’ than the low-carb plan too, as you get to eat whole grains and more fruit, so you get more carbs here which tends to help some people stick to their programme.

Top tip: Take a look at this useful Mediterranean eating plan from Diabetes UK.

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3.     The zone diet

The idea of the Zone Diet is simple – every meal should consist of 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fats. How you get that balance is important too.

The carbohydrate foods are ranked from best to worst in terms of glycaemic index, with lower being better. This plan is really excellent for controlling your blood sugar levels and also for helping you stay satisfied on your diet, as you eat good food at every meal from a variety of sources.


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