Anele Mdoda took to Twitter recently to detail some of the crazy situations she has been in while using popular e-hailing service, Uber

The TV and radio personality shared her experience after a Twitter user asked people to share their wildest Taxify/Uber stories.

Anele revealed that one driver threatened her because she did not want to take a selfie with him.

“Uber guy swore and threatened to hit me because he had been eavesdropping on my phone call and in the call I said I am Anele and on the app I am Zintathu and yena he wants a selfie with Anele. Literally got violent.

The former Real Talk host added that she was once kicked out of a car she believed to be an Uber.

“In Durban, I requested an Uber. It arrived. We checked the registration number and everything, we get inside he cancels and says he is Taxify now can we please get out.”

Uber has addressed the two incidents Anele mentioned, saying “this type of behaviour” goes against their safety guidelines

Spokesperson Samantha Allenberg told Drum magazine that riders should report incidents to the company so they can be investigated.

“We have a dedicated team working 24/7 in South Africa and around the world to support our commitment to safety, and we are always looking for ways to improve. Uber’s Incident Response Team (IRT) is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond immediately to any reported incidents or accidents globally,” she told the publication.