Moving into your first apartment or home is daunting, especially if you haven’t already collected all the essentials…

A kitchen is one of the most difficult spaces to plan for. Some items are obvious, while others you only consider when you actually need them and don’t have them on hand. We’re here to help with the ultimate starter kitchen list, ensuring no last-minute runs to the store to purchase utensils or appliances.


Every kitchen needs a few sealable containers for storing leftovers and opened foods that don’t get used up straight away. Choose glass containers with lids, they’re easy to clean and will last much longer than plastic options.

Mixing bowls

These are essential, especially if you’re an avid baker. You don’t need a whole collection: one large, one medium and one small bowl should work. Use the medium for batters and the small for sauces and marinades, and even scrambling eggs.

Measuring cups, spoons and jars

You might not think you need these at first, but you’ll soon realise that they come in handy with most recipes. If you enjoy cooking you’ll no doubt understand the importance of getting quantities right.

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Ever cook pasta? Drain veggies, wash spinach? Then there really isn’t much to say for why you need a colander.

Can and bottle openers

The last thing you need is not being able to open that bottle of wine you’ve been thinking about all day at work. Same goes for cans, and yes, many come with pull tabs, but our bet is you’re not always double checking this when buying canned goods (and there’s nothing worse than when the tab breaks and then you’re stuck).


Always have a good set of tongs in your kitchen drawer. They’re great for turning meat in a pan or transferring grilled veggies from an oven bake tray to a serving dish. The uses for tongs really are endless.

A microwavable food cover

Invest in one of these, they last forever and there’ll be no need to spend your precious time cleaning your microwave after every use.


Like many items on this list, you might only realise you don’t have potholders until you need them. Avoid frantic scrambling to find a cloth when having to remove a hot dish from the oven.


This might sound obvious but more often than not a starter kitchen simply doesn’t stock the correct knives. And take it from us, there is NOTHING worse than using a blunt knife. Start with these three: a chef’s knife to cut almost anything, a serrated bread knife and a small paring knife for finer cutting.

Cutting boards

Once again, buy about three in different sizes and materials – use one for meat, one for veggies and one for other things. Bamboo is great for everyday cutting and will last ages. Plus, it’s super hygienic.