We all have at least one laundry horror story to tell. With these simple tips, however, yours will hopefully be a thing of the past…

Don’t just go light and dark

We all know to separate light and dark, but it’s worth doing a little more. Opt for an underwear wash, and split very dirty clothes away from lightly soiled items. This will ensure your laundry comes out fresher.

Lastly, keep heavy/abrasive fabrics like jeans and towels away from your more delicate surfaces, even if you pop the delicate items in a laundry bag. This will help reduce felting, lint and damage.

Top loader and twin tub, beware

While front loaders are often the forgotten cousin of the laundry world, there’s one area they do win – you never can make the mistake of adding soap directly to your clothes. Make sure the clothes go in first, then water before adding laundry soap.

If you’re using bleach, it’s a little different too: first water and bleach, mix well. Add clothes, and soap last again. This prevents build-up and patchiness on your clothes, as well as damage to delicate fibres. Soap can also have a light bleaching effect.

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Beat the sock stealing monster

Do your socks often go missing? Either run a separate intimates load or place the socks in the washing machine first, before adding clothes. This will prevent them getting tangled into the rest of the load, and make them easier to hunt down afterwards.

What are your top laundry tips? Feel free to share them below!