We all want to age gracefully, and now research has found a natural product that has the potential to slow down ageing…

The first step to slowing ageing is to understand what ageing is.

Yes, we know it causes grey air, wrinkles and the odd aches and pains, but what really happens inside our bodies when we age?

Understanding ageing

As we age, we accumulate damaged cells.

When the cells get to a certain level of damage they go through an ageing process of their own, called cellular senescence. The cells also release inflammatory factors that tell the immune system to clear those damaged cells.

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A younger person’s immune system is healthy and is able to clear the damaged cells. But as we age, they aren’t cleared as effectively. This accumulation of damaged cells causes low-level inflammation and release enzymes that can degrade the tissue.

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Anti-ageing & protecting cells from damage

According to new research, the answer could be in fruit and vegetables.

Researchers have found that a natural product called Fisetin, found in many fruits and vegetables, reduces the level of these damaged cells in the body.

They found this by treating mice towards the end of life with this compound and seeing improvement in health and lifespan.

“These results suggest that we can extend the period of health, termed healthspan, even towards the end of life,” says one of the researchers, Paul D. Robbins, from the University of Minnesota Medical School, “But there are still many questions to address, including the right dosage, for example.”

While a drug was created for the study, we say it’s enough reason to stock up on fruit and vegetables.

Source: University of Minnesota Medical School via www.sciencedaily.com

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