2. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are great carriers of healthy fats. The key with these little guys is not to overdo the quantity though, as they are very high in calories.

A small handful of nuts and seeds will deliver a fat-filled nutritional punch and also fill that snack-spot in your tummy until your next meal. You can eat them on muesli, or add them to salads to ‘fancify’ them while upping the nutritional quota too.

Green Salad with Figs and Nuts recipe

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Vegetable Curry Topped with Cashew Nuts recipe


3. Olive oil

Olive oil is a wonderful source of healthy fats, provided that you buy a high-quality, cold-pressed, virgin product and use it the right way.

Olive oil is great for cold use, but should not be heated because it turns rancid when used in frying and other hot cooking applications. Also, be sure not to overdo it – olive oil is high in calories.

Extra-virgin olive oil protects against Alzheimer’s disease


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