Last updated on Jan 22nd, 2021 at 10:36 am

In my house, breakfast is a chore that needs to be completed as soon as possible in order to start my day. The kids get up, hubby gets up, we all have some cereal and run out the door. But on the weekends, I always try and spend some time on breakfast, making it another occasion for a family meal. It’s also an opportunity to get creative and maybe even throw in some sweet treats.

Here are some of my favourite breakfast inspiration recipes – I’ve tried to keep them relatively easy and simple, yet decadent and delicious too!

1. Pancakes, flapjacks, crumpets and more pancakes

I love pancakes because you can make them sweet, savoury, decadent or simple. You can also modify recipes for any taste, from vegan to wheat-free. Add a light fluffiness to your pancakes by adding ricotta cheese, as in this recipe or stick to a traditional favourite with these Buttermilk Crumpets.

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2. Scones, buns and muffins

Whip up some homemade buns with this super easy recipe. Alternatively you could try this heavenly Mealie Bread – served with lashings of butter and jam! I also love Cheesy Muffins – throw in leftovers to make them more interesting.

3. Eggs

For those of you who love a traditional breakfast with eggs, get creative with this tangy cheesy Feta and Peppadew Tart or this yummy Egg Casserole with goat’s cheese.

4. Healthy

I love to make my own granola for a healthy breakfast option. Try this recipe for Granola Clusters or this Apricot and Almond Granola. Serve your homemade cereal with yoghurt and fruit in a wine glass, as in this recipe, for a beautiful presentation.

I hope you enjoy these breakfast ideas, and use them creatively to whip up treats for you and your loved ones. Happy cooking!