Last updated on Oct 3rd, 2018 at 01:41 pm

We live in a world where women have more opportunities than ever before. There’s also more pressure on women than ever before

We are often expected to open our own company, look great, cook healthy meals, travel, squat, be in a great relationship, go to the farmers market (and take pics while there), use coconut oil, have clear skin, shop at Woolies… the list goes on.

I see women around me struggling to juggle it all…

…my colleagues, my sisters, my friends, so I hope you can relate to these points and be inspired to make changes in your own life:

1. Energy drainers

We give away energy and that’s why we are always tired: In this day and age, there is always someone who needs us, or our time, or our expertise.

Everyone places a demand on our energy, so we need to decide what really matters to us. Our energy cups are empty, yet we keep continuing to give away energy that we don’t have to spare, until it’s completely depleted. That’s why we are always so tired. We don’t know how to say no to people or how to walk away from things that no longer serve us.

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2. We have normalised burnout

It is not normal to be exhausted, burnt out, anxious and not sleeping at night. We need to stop telling ourselves that taking time to rest is wasting time. We need to stop putting on a brave face, we need to stand up for our own well-being.

3. I’ll sleep when I’m dead

I can easily count the amount of times I’ve gone to bed after midnight this week because I needed to get things done instead. I’m not alone in this regard. As women, we sacrifice sleep to get things done and that is not okay. We need to make a massive shift in our priorities. We need sleep more than we need to work, run errands, do housework or anything else.

4. Fight or flight

We are always in a state of panic, living on an adrenaline rush. Contrary to popular belief, it is not good for your body to regularly feel as though it is in danger.

We are continually producing stress hormones to get through another day of being undervalued and emotionally depleted.

Then we wonder why we can’t sleep at night, why we are anxious, why we have tummy problems.

Being chronically stressed is not a status symbol or a mark of success: it’s the reason why we are falling to pieces

5. Perceptions

We are trying so hard trying to pretend we have it all together, when really, we aren’t even close to having it together. We are struggling under the weight of everything we are trying to achieve.

Life is busy, yet we keep saying yes to taking on more.

We all have a breaking point and for many women it’s their mental health that is sacrificed as part of the carnage.

So, we keep bulldozing ourselves, we survive on carbs, sugar, wine and coffee, while continuing to push through the mental fatigue. Feeling like you are constantly drowning is NOT normal. It’s a sign that you need to take a step back and you need some support.

Give yourself permission to ask for help!