If you’d love to tone up, but don’t have the time for long, boring workouts, join our quick bikini body workout challenge…

There’s nothing like the countdown to summer to send us into a bikini season panic.

While dieting is one approach to feeling more comfortable in our skin, recent research has found that the combination of diet and exercise is the most effective way to lose weight. And let’s not forget that exercise helps improve fat-burning muscle tone while boosting one’s mood.

That sounds great, but who has time to exercise nowadays?

I don’t know about you but, as a working mom with a toddler, I’m lucky if I can fit in a dedicated 10-minute workout a few times a week.

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So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Every week for the next four weeks, I’m going to find and share a quick bikini body workout and one healthy dietary tip.

Quick bikini body workout challenge: Week 1

This bikini body challenge is not about starving or following gruelling workouts, it’s about making small, sustainable changes that could help anyone feel great.

Each workout will be 15 minutes or less and the dietary tip will be one that doesn’t take too much time, effort or money to follow.

Bikini body workout 2

This week’s 10-minute cardio workout is by Gina B of SMILE workout.


You can add this workout into your schedule however you like – as a morning workout, a warm-up followed by workout 1 or simply do it once this week.

I’m going to aim to do bikini workout 1 twice a week and walk it out with workout 2 once or twice a week.

Bikini body diet tip 2

This week’s tip is simple – eat dinner early (before 7pm if possible) and don’t eat again until breakfast time.

This is the easiest way to fast (not to mention avoiding evening snacking) and studies have found that fasting is an effective way to help you lose weight while protecting against type 2 diabetes.

You can read more about this fasting method below…

Fasting diet that works (without making you starve)


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