As we ring in the New Year, millions of people make resolutions to change their lives for the better, hoping to lose weight, quit smoking, spend more time with their families or make other life improvements. The season of giving inspires many to resolve to help people around them and make the world a better place.
Vodacom, via a newly launched web and mobi-site, can now help you carry the spirit of goodwill and giving through the coming year.
Donate time or money to those who need your help
They have created a place where you can find opportunities to donate your time and money to non-profit organisations (NPOs) who need help.
This online platform enables the public to search for an NPO, read their basic profile, view what projects and needs they have, contact them and SMS to a dedicated short code to make a cash donation in a safe and easy way.
This initiative forms part of the Vodacom Change the World (CtW) programme, a programme that enables volunteers to work for any NPO of their choice for a year, at no cost to the volunteer and host organisation.
â??The Vodacom Change the World initiative, now in its third successful year, is unable to accommodate everyone who has applied to be a volunteer and we have had to turn away hundreds of South Africans who wanted to make a difference. Through our newly launched public participation platform, Vodacom can provide everyone with an opportunity to participate and rally behind their preferred NPO through volunteering time, goods or cashâ? says Maya Makanjee, chief officer corporate affairs at Vodacom.
With this programme, Vodacom contributes towards skills development and helps create a culture of volunteering, through the â??transfer of human capitalâ?. By relieving NPOs of the burden of paying for the services of skilled volunteers with a passion to work for a good cause, the programme provides much needed expertise to the NPO.
Donate via SMS – irrespective of your mobile network
The Vodacom public participation platform will give all South Africans â?? irrespective of which mobile network they belong to, the opportunity to donate money through a direct fundraising channel by way of SMS donations.
Vodacom customers will be able to donate free of charge with all proceeds going to their nominated NPO.
Vodacom customers can choose to donate any amount from R5 – R200 in increments of R1 (total payments limited to R200 per month) by sending their chosen NPOs keyword and an amount they wish to donate, to 30100. (Neither Vodacom, the Vodacom Trust, nor any of our respective agents will deduct or retain any portion of the donation Vodacom customers make using CtW, nor receive any commission, interest, rebate or other profit on any donation.)
Other network subscribers can donate a fixed amount of R30 per SMS at a premium rate by sending their NPO keyword to 42600. (Applicable fees are paid to the WASP that facilitates the donation. 100% of what Vodacom collects from other network operators will be donated to the relevant NPOs.)
For more information, go to or
SMS Numbers
Vodacom Customers â?? SMS 30100
Non-Vodacom Customers – SMS 42600