Thereâ??s no question â?? we all love pizza.  Pizza, however, is not the â??health foodâ?? it is often made out to be â?? but would life without pizza be worth living?  Certainly not! And thereâ??s no need to stop visiting your favourite pizza restaurant every now and then.  It will still be possible to eat nutritiously when you do.
So hereâ??s how to eat nutritiously on your next visit to a pizza restaurant.
1.  Adjust your thinking
Try to look at your food order as a large salad with a side-order of pizza â?? not the other way around.
2.  Cut the drinks
Drink a couple of glasses of plain water just before you head out to the pizza restaurant. Carbonated soft drinks are NOT nutritious and can have up to ten teaspoons of sugar per can/bottle. You donâ??t want to be undoing your plan to eat nutritiously at a pizza restaurant plan by loading yourself with the high calories from a soft drink.
3.  Start with the salad bar
Start with a substantial salad order when you visit your favourite pizza restaurant. Many pizza restaurants offer a salad bar or at least have several salad choices on the menu. Go for the larger option â?? itâ??s fine and nutritious to overeat on the salad!
4. Change the dressings and toppings to your salad
Ask for your salad to be served without any dressings or toppings, and for it to be served well BEFORE your pizza comes.  At the same time, drizzle your salad with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
A big nutritious salad will help to fill you up and make you less hungry for diving into that pizza when it comes. It is far more nutritious to over-eat on salad than on pizza.
5.  Order a pizza, but eat slowly and savour every mouthful
Now that youâ??ve filled up with salad, start on your pizza side-dish. Make sure you eat slowly, savouring every mouthful. Share the pizza with others at your table.  However delicious it is, try not to overeat â?? rather ask for a doggy bag for next dayâ??s lunch pack or pop it into the freezer when you get home for an emergency lunch snack.
6.  Lose the dessert if at all possible

A mouthful of something sweet is always tempting after any meal.  So if you feel you MUST order dessert, at least share it with one or more people at your table. Sometimes just a small taste of something sweet is enough to appease a post-pizza sugar craving.
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