Whether you are trying to eat less meat or simply more vegetables, it is easy to substitute mushrooms for meat in many dishes. With their firm texture and savoury taste mushrooms can be an ideal, healthy, meat substitute.
1.  Know your mushrooms
There are many different types of mushrooms and you may find that you enjoy the tastes and textures of some more than others. Experiment and try a variety of different mushrooms to find your preferences. Note that different mushrooms might work better as a meat substitute for different dishes.
2.  Make a ‘mushroom burger’ as a substitute for a meat hamburger
This is a brilliant and simple way to turn hamburgers vegetarian. The easiest way is to use a large, flat grilled brown mushroom as a substitute for the meat patty. Then add a sliced bread roll and all the rest of the fillings as usual.
3.  Cook your curry using mushrooms as a meat substitute
If you enjoy curries, try adding a pile of mushrooms, together with your other vegetables to your curry. Chunks of mushrooms are better than slices for this.
4.  Put mushrooms in your enchilada
Enchiladas are made by putting a filling inside a flour tortilla and then topping the whole thing with sauce and cheese. Use mushrooms along with other vegetables for the filling, a tomato-based sauce and a cheddar-like cheese.
5.  Add mushrooms instead of meat to your pasta dish
Mushrooms go well with most, if not all pasta sauces. So just make up your favourite pasta with slices or chunks of mushroom instead of meat.
6.  Use mushrooms with your risotto
Risotto is often made simply with mushrooms – wild mushrooms work well in risottos.
Never pick your own mushrooms unless you are absolutely certain that they are the edible and not the poisonous variety. Ingesting poisonous mushrooms often proves fatal.
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