Veggies are a critical part of a good diet, but what do you to do if your little one refuses to eat up?

Here are a few tips to take the burden off of your shoulders, yet still ensure your child gets all the goodness they need…

Know how you eat

Do you get your own daily dose of tasty veggie-filled goodness? Our children are more observant than given credit for. Unhealthy eating patterns in the parents will often have a knock-on effect on how they eat, so be sure to tweak your own plate too.

Now, take a deep breath and check in with the rest of the dinner experience. Do you hyper-cater to your kiddies’ whims? Desperately beg for ‘just one bite’? If you’ve ever wondered why the daycare say she eats, and you never see it, it could simply be that the meal is too much for your child, or that they aren’t receiving a meal ‘experience’ that encourages healthy eating habits.

Look at the big picture

Very few problematic eaters actually suffer when it comes to meeting the necessary growth benchmarks.

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Remember, good nutrition is about the whole picture, not compartmentalised meals. Your child’s willingness to eat certain foods will fluctuate and grow with them, and children naturally consume a reasonably balanced diet.

While you shouldn’t allow them to become meal-time dictators, of course, simply allowing yourself some breathing room and looking at the big picture with their physician can take away some of the mealtime panic for you, the hard-working parent.

Don’t let mealtimes become a battleground – instead, regroup and allow yourself some peace of mind.

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