Assume nothing about the two mothers at the centre of this fresh and deliciously twisted stylish thriller.

Surfaces may be bright and polished, but no one is who they seem to be.

At the core of this story is an unlikely film-noir protagonist – the sunny and practical suburban mommy vlogger, Stephanie (Anna Kendrick). Stephanie’s perky search for domestic bliss, friendship, and killer recipes accidentally leads her into a mad tangle of dirty secrets and fatal lies when she meets ultra-glamorous mom, Emily (Blake Lively).

When Stephanie is first approached by Emily to come over for a playdate, she is intrigued. Emily is mysterious and alluring with her super-posh lifestyle: a city job in high fashion, a sexy British author husband and an impeccably modern, showcase house. Stephanie is flattered when Emily seems to quickly latch onto her as a confidante and new best friend. She appears to be the ultimate insider, and Stephanie feels like she has cracked into a world of her most extravagant mommy dreams.


“I need a simple favour”

“I need a simple favour”, Emily says one afternoon. Without hesitation, Stephanie eagerly agrees to take Emily’s son, Nicky, home with her after school one day. However, simple becomes complicated when Emily disappears completely, leaving Stephanie with her son and not a single clue.

Blake Lively as “Stephanie” in A Simple Favor. Photo by Peter Iovino


Following her own “moms, do everything yourself” credo, Stephanie takes it upon herself, with the help of her social media followers, to find her missing friend. She has no idea just how convoluted this mystery will become as boundaries of friendship and loyalty are tested and lurid truths are uncovered.



Stephanie is about to enter an inky-black, nerve-wracking journey into deception, duplicity and transgressions, including her own.

A Simple Favour will be released in cinemas across South Africa from 28 September.

Watch the gripping trailer below:

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