With September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, here are some possible early warning signs of childhood cancer every parent should know… 

Parents should not underestimate small warning signs that could potentially have massive medical implications for their children.

This is one of the messages of the Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer campaign, supported by Mugg &Bean’s #GiveMore initiative in conjunction with Cupcakes of Hope.

No parent wants to imagine it, but early detection of childhood cancer could save your child’s life.

With this in mind, here are some tips on how to identify early warning signs of childhood cancer:

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  • Does he/she have unexplained recurring fevers?
  • Has his/her vision changed suddenly? (Blindness, a bulging eyeball, a new squint or a whole spot in the eye?
  • Is he/she constantly tired and noticeably pale?
  • Is he/she losing weight or does he suddenly have a loss of appetite?
  • Does he/she have excessive bruises, bleeding or rashes?
  • Does he/she have persistent infections?
  • Have you noticed a lump on his/her head, neck, chest, tummy, groin, limbs, glands or armpits?
  • Are his/her bones, joints, back or legs swollen and painful?
  • Does he/she frequently have headaches and early morning vomiting?
  • Is his/her head abnormally large?
  • Does he/she feel nauseated or vomit without nausea?
  • Is he/she missing her milestones or has she regressed??
  • Has his/her behaviour changed?
  • Has his/her balance or way of walking changed?
  • Does he/she walk awkwardly or stumble often?
  • Has he/she sustained a fractured bone with very little force or trauma?

If your child has any of these persistent symptoms, please speak to your family doctor or paediatrician.

Childhood cancer: What every parent should know

What is Cupcakes of Hope?

Cupcakes of Hope is an organisation that was established by Sandy Cipriano at her restaurant in Vereeniging in 2009 after a friend’s toddler succumbed to the disease. The idea was for people to make cupcakes during the month of September and help raise funds to help families with their exorbitant medical costs associated with the illness.

In 2012, Sandy joined forces with leading coffee-themed Sit-Down and On-The-Go restaurant franchise, Mugg and Bean.  This year, to continue their support, Mugg &Bean will be donating R5 for every giant muffin sold in the month of September as a #GiveMore initiative.

You are also able to donate through the gifting option on the M&B app. Once you download the app you will automatically receive R25 worth of reward beans which you can choose to donate to this worthy cause through a special gifting profile.

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