Found yourself stuck with shoes that are too big or too small? Here are some clever ways to make your shoes fit a whole lot better.

Bought shoes online or got a great pair as a gift? The fact that they don’t fit so well and returning them might be a mission? Not so great.

There is no fashion hack that we can’t find

If you’re having shoe problems, rest easy because this week we figured out a few sure-fire ways to make your oversized or undersized shoes fit perfectly.

Shoes too big?

Shoes that are too big, are a bit tricky. For flats, boots and close-toed heels the easiest way to close the space is to stuff the toes of your shoes. Use wads of tissue to fill in the space at the tips of your shoes. This can unfortunately get uncomfortable, so it is best for short-term use.

Using an insole is a much more comfy way to make your shoes less roomy

An insole is a soft pad that sits under your foot in the shoe to provide cushioning and support and can be found in a number of shoe and health stores.

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The ‘foot section’ of health stores also often stock pretty handy items like ball-of-foot pads – they’re like insoles but for the ball of your foot.

You can also try shrinking your shoes using water

Spray your shoes with water and let them dry in the sun or with a hairdryer set on low. When your shoes are dry, try them on. Repeat this process if they’re still too big. This method is not suitable for leather or suede.

Shoes too small?

Water also works for shoes that are too small. Place a ziplock bag in your shoes, using your hands to press the bag into all the nooks and crannies inside your shoe as best as you can.

Carefully fill the bag with water until it fills up the inside of the shoe then pop the shoes into your freezer, and leave them there until the water inside the bag is frozen solid. As the water freezes it will expand and stretch out your shoes.

The other and far easier way to enlarge your shoes is too wear them a few times with very thick socks or a few pairs. While wearing your socks, aim a hairdryer on the tight section of your shoe for a few seconds. Wiggle your toes and bend your feet inside the shoe while drying – this will stretch your shoe.