When you feel bloated, it is easy to blame food as the culprit rather than the cure. Most of the advice available also tells you what to avoid.
It is, however, possible to deal with bloating by using helpful foods that can reduce the gassiness and full feeling, as much as knowing which foods to avoid. This article provides some basic guidelines.
1.  Try fresh pineapple
Fresh pineapple contains bromelain which is a digestion-promoting enzyme. For maximum health benefits from fresh fruit, always eat fruit either half-an-hour before or three hours after a meal.
2.  Try fresh pawpaws (papaya)
Pawpaws contain papain, a digestive enzyme similar in function to bromelain, and great for breaking down food and digesting proteins. For maximum health benefits from fresh fruit, always eat fruit either half-an-hour before or three hours after a meal.
3.  Munch on celery
Celery is a diuretic and helps to relieve fluid retention. Eat a number of celery sticks each day until your bloating is under better control.
4.  Choose asparagus
Asparagus encourages the growth of friendly gut bacteria. Friendly bacteria work to reduce the build-up of stomach gas.
5.  Add natural yogurt to your daily diet.
Yogurt brings helpful bacteria to your gut â?? try to find yogurt that doesnâ??t contain sugar, and artificial colours and flavouring.
6.  Drink peppermint tea
Peppermint tea aids digestion by helping food to pass through the stomach quickly. It also calms flatulence. If you can’t find fresh mint leaves, pre-packaged peppermint teabags will also do.
7.  Consider bitters and chamomile
Digestive bitters and chamomile tea are also thought to aid digestion.
8.  Season your food with a little freshly ground black pepper
Black pepper aids digestion and massaging the essential oil of black pepper on your stomach region can also help.

Essential oils are potent and should never be used ‘neat’. To make a massage oil with black pepper essential oil, add one drop of the essential oil to a tablespoon of olive oil (extra virgin is best), coconut, almond or other carrier oil. Too much of this essential oil can irritate the skin. Avoid if pregnant.

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