Many well-known celebs embrace their step-parent role and treat their step-children as their own

I take my hat off to any man or woman who is able to open their heart and love another’s child as their own. Personally, I am not sure that I am capable of that. When I was single, I used to try very hard to steer clear of men who had children from a previous relationship. I ended up (very briefly) dating someone with two kids but it never worked out.

Mega-model Gisele Bunchen had only been dating Tom Brady for two months when they found out that his ex-girlfriend was expecting his child. Talk about a difficult situation! Whilst most women would run a mile, Gisele chose to stick by her man (they are married with two children of their own now) and Gisele says that she couldn’t imagine life without Jack, Tom’s son. She even gets on with his mother. Now that is handling things like a classy lady, don’t you think?

Here are a few more female celebrities who treat their partner’s children from previous relationships like their own