At last, it’s time to crawl out of that winter cocoon and embrace spring. We’ve rounded up the 6 best décor trends for spring 2018…

Spring is finally here! Here’s how to incorporate spring décor trends into your home.

It’s time to crawl out of that winter cocoon (goodbye, lovely down duvet!) and embrace spring. We’ve rounded up the six best décor trends for this spring.

Lush leaves

Good news, #plantparents, our green buddies are still super trendy through spring and summer. Get ready to expand your plant family, as one of the biggest indoor plant trends for spring is lots and lots of plants – imagine a forest in your foyer, and you’re close to what’s cool.

Another big trend for spring is “pattern plants” – or plants with interesting foliage and shapes. Here are some of our favourite articles about bringing plants indoors and using them as décor.

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On the fringes

Things like tassels, pom-poms, and anything with a fringe is still big this spring. Bonus points if you also add macramé to the mix. Macramé is super trendy this season, from wall art to pot plant holders. The great thing about macramé is that you can do it yourself, so find some youtube videos, get the kids involved and voila! You have your Saturday morning sorted.


While minimalism will never go away (you can exhale now, Type A-personalities), more is most certainly more this year. Think bold colours, bohemian prints, and layers and layers of, well, everything. However: no frump. Maximalism is a hard look to pull off, so curate your collection around themes, colour schemes, or texture.

The home as sanctuary

We’ve been seeing a lot of home trends recently where the home is considered as refuge and sanctuary from the world. In the winter we had hygge (which can also be continued into spring and summer #justsaying), and we’re continuing on this mindfulness trend in your home to have it focus on self-care.

This includes healing spaces with lots of light (with the option of soft light), relaxing bathrooms, many, many candles, essential oils, and dedicated meditation spaces.


Bye bye marble, hello 70s speckle! Terrazzo was big in the 70s, and with 70s trends being everywhere in fashion, it’s only befitting that we pay tribute to the years of disco and fabulously big hair with this pattern.

Fabulous florals

“Florals for spring. Groundbreaking!”You know what, florals will always be fashionable and this year big and loud is the way to go. So when in doubt, go with florals for spring.

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