Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a vision, but just need some help to learn how to transform your idea into a successful business?

The Future Females Business School can help you make your dream a reality

The Future Females Team is excited to announce that applications open today for the Future Females Business School, powered by The Growth Academy.

The Future Females Business School is a virtual incubator commencing on 4 October, that will support 50 female entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into proven and profitable businesses.

10 000 members, 10 locations world-wide, and 400 successful events later, Future Females is a Cape Town-based initiative dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Future Females Business School opens its doors to 50 female entrepreneurs

The Business School was born out of a need discovered through the recent Future Females survey of over 20 000 female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, conducted in partnership with Startup Grind. Nearly 80% of respondents said they do not feel that they have the support (in terms of education, mentorship or funding) they need to start and grow their businesses with confidence.

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The survey highlighted an emerging market of early-stage female entrepreneurs, with 40% having started their business fewer than 12 months ago; the biggest aspirations being lifestyle creation (34%) and revenue growth (21%).

The respondents stated their biggest challenges as being education and support structures (29%), mindset (22%), and access to mentors (10%).

One survey respondent had been working on their business idea for six months and stated, “I just don’t know what to do next, or how to create a sustainable business”, and another that “in a job there’s a clear career path, but as an entrepreneur you’re flying blind”, “I want to learn how to develop a business idea into a business with potential to be profitable and expand, but have not had access to the correct resources”.

The Future Females Business School, powered by The Growth Academy, is launching to meet the needs of these early-stage female entrepreneurs. It aims to guide the members into creating profitable businesses with strong business foundations, and helping them to achieve their desired lifestyles.

Although the programme does not provide funding (which also came through as a key challenge in the survey for nearly 30% of respondents), it aims to give entrepreneurs the mindset and all the essential skills to build a fundable business.

Future Females co-founder, Lauren Dallas, says “Everyone has great ideas. But the idea is just an idea until it is well executed. What holds most entrepreneurs back is that they don’t know where to begin or they are missing the fundamentals of building a successful business.

Through the Future Females Business School, we want to provide them with the required skill set, as well as with a community of like-minded individuals”.

“We are excited to offer this programme to our Future Females community and see our members creating bigger, bolder and more profitable businesses,” says Future Females co-founder Cerina Bezuidenhout.

What is The Future Females Business School?

  • The Future Females Business School is a three-month virtual incubator, made up of 12 content modules that cover all the components of starting and growing your own business.
  • Whether you are looking to learn about acquisition, customer conversion or automation, the Future Females incubator will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to get started.
  • At the end of the programme, members will walk away with all the essential knowledge they need to create and grow a successful business.

“Success for us is seeing our members come out of the programme with a proven and profitable business,” says Future Females & The Growth Academy co-founder Lauren Dallas, “and we see the coaching, mentoring and peer-to-peer support structures that make up the programme as a key differentiator.”

The Future Females Business School is powered by The Growth Academy, a virtual incubator that supports entrepreneurs to start and grow profitable businesses online. The Growth Academy was listed as one of Fast Company’s most Innovative Businesses in 2017, and has had over 500 entrepreneurs successfully graduate from the Start, Grow & Automate Business Programmes so far in 2018.

“We’re excited to support the Future Females community with our proven content and virtual learning delivery methodology and hope to graduate over 1 000 entrepreneurs from this programme as we move into 2019,” states The Growth Academy co-founder Bevan Nel.

How to join the Future Females Business School

Applications are open until September 23rd, with just 50 spots available for the first cohort of the programme.

Apply now! Go to