Back from a design showcase in Milan, Italy, Bathroom by Design’s Heather Darby shares her take on the top bathroom trends for 2019…

Bathroom by Design director, Heather Darby, recently visited the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy where leaders in Italian furniture design showcase their latest collections alongside the latest in kitchen and bathroom trends at this premiere exhibition.

Here’s what Darby discovered about the upcoming home décor and bathroom trends for 2019 and beyond.

Green is gold

Green is making a massive statement in interior design – everything from fabrics all the way through to shower dividers, bold tiles and even green baths.

The trend also transcends through to accessory usage where plants and ‘greenery’ maintain their popularity as key décor embellishments and visual backdrops – both real and artificial types and of both light and dark hues.

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Tapping in

Another interesting innovation that Darby noted was with engineered taps.

“Designers are placing emphasis on the shaft from the basin to the head of the tap and using various colour options like rose gold, brass, grey steel and chrome (a trend which Bathroom Butler has embraced with their colour collection).”

Another key style trend is the industrial look, with shower heads that look like poised, angle lamps.

Open spaces divided

“Dividing screens are most definitely leading the charge as far as trends go which aligns to the continued recognition of modern apartment-style living where large, open living spaces are separated by screens as opposed to physical walls,” says Darby, “This allows occupants more freedom when deciding the use and size of each space in the home.”

Small space storage

Designers showcased interesting and inventive ways to create additional storage space – especially in smaller spaces.

“Creative ways to create storage space behind mirrors and in really small living areas proved incredibly popular and I believe will be the driving force of the future of design,” concluded Darby.