Belly fat… something that most of us would love to see just ‘melt’ away. Although there’s no magic instant ‘cure’ for muffin tops, there ARE some things we can do to flatten out our tummies…

Belly fat is a particularly dangerous place to pack on the pounds. Research has shown that fat around the belly also indicates excess fat around vital organs including your liver and kidneys. This can lead to some very serious health issues!

So losing belly fat is not just about looking good in jeans, and feeling confident in a fitted shirt (never mind braving the beach!), it’s also about getting healthy.

While spending time in the gym, or doing strenuous exercise can help build muscle and use up the excess fat stored in your body, you also need to prevent any more fat from forming around the belly.

Fat is (very basically) all the excess calories that your body doesn’t know what to do with. If it can’t be used, it gets stored. Where do these excess calories come from?

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Well, that’s a question you need to answer for yourself. Take a very honest look at your everyday (and WEEKEND) diet, and identify the high calorie ‘incidents’. Did you order take-aways last week? How many times? Did you binge drink over the weekend? Did you have an extra helping… or two… for dinner? Did you have too many rusks with your sugar-laden coffee?

Be honest – if you’re not serious about identifying your weaknesses, then you’re not serious about your diet or your health.

In my experience, there are four main calorie contributors which have a MAJOR impact in the lives of my clients – whether they are aware of it or not.

Here are some areas you really want to avoid if you’re looking to get leaner, healthier, and happier this season…

Anything deep-fried

Deep-fried foods can be healthy BEFORE they go into the oil.

Potatoes are an especially healthy food, for example. So is a chicken breast, or a fillet of fish. However, once they have been exposed to super-high levels of heat in vegetable oil full of trans fats they become something totally different.

I’m almost not sure we should call them by their original names anymore. You see, trans fats are BAD for you. This is in general health terms, but also in general fat terms. The bottom line? Don’t do deep-fried ANYTHING.

If you order fish and chips, order the fish grilled and swap the chips for salad. If you’re eating chicken, make sure it’s grilled or baked NOT covered in breadcrumbs and cheese sauce. If you’re eating a donut, throw it away immediately – there’s no healthy way to eat a donut!

The bottom line is grill or bake your food and leave the trans fats behind.

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