It takes up a prominent space in a kitchen, so why not decorate a fridge? Here are a few inspiring ideas (and only one idea includes magnets)…

Whether it’s sleek and modern or old and drab, here are some fun and stylish ways to decorate a fridge:

Practical and pretty

Take the guesswork out of what to make for dinner and decorate your fridge at the same time with a meal plan.

It could be as simple as writing your weekly meal plan on paper or a chalkboard (in your fanciest handwriting, of course) and using it to decorate the front or side of a fridge.

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Posting art

Remember when people sent postcards?

As a way of sharing your holiday with friends and family, postcards may have given way to social media updates, but they make for gorgeous décor.

Use your holiday postcards, or look for vintage postcards at flea markets, and create a collage of sorts on your fridge with travel memento magnets, in keeping with your holiday theme.


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